Fantasi - Fantasi 100 Ml E-Liquid Shortfills

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Fantasi E-Liquids come in juicy and refreshing Orange Ice, Strawberry Ice, Mango Ice and Grape Ice or the classic pop flavours, Lemonade Ice or Cola Ice. Each one has been carefully blended to perfectly mimic the sensation of sipping on an ice-cold can of soda right out of the fridge.

This is a 100 ml zero nicotine shortfill. If you wish to vape with nicotine we recommend you add the 2 x 10ml nicotine booster shots of your choice. For example; adding 2 x 18mg 10ml shots will create 120ml of 3mg

Freshly picked and squeezed lemons mixed together with sugary goodness for the much-loved classic fizzy recipe without the calories.

The Fantasi Orange is so refreshing that drinking out of a cool pop can won’t even match up to our standards any more!

Fantasi introduces an intensely refreshing tropical fruit kick in the form of our mango vape juice. Capturing its sweet exotic goodness in all its glory.

Apple eliquid starts with a refreshingly crisp and authentic apple base. We then add some sweetness, a touch of sparkle and some cooling to capture that feeling of sipping on a deliciously fizzy can of pop.

Ice Lime Mojito:
It combined the tang of fresh lime juice, bruised mint leaves, rum and fizzy soda water to create Lime Mojito Ice, then balanced out the flavour with a touch of sweetness. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the crushed ice!

Ice Grape: 
Taking popular grape soda as the base, we then supercharged the recipe with extreme cooling. Fantasi Grape Ice is perfect for lovers of ice-cold, juicy grape pop. Supplied in 50ml shortfill bottles with distinctive Fantasi labelling.

Ice Orange: 
Juicy orange soda recipe but for this ice version, we maxed out the cooling. Fantasi Orange Ice is exactly like an ice-cold can of fizzy orange but with none of the calories! Supplied in 50ml shortfill bottles with distinctive Fantasi labelling.

Ice Watermelon:
Bright pink and refreshing nature; watermelons are the iconic fruit of summer that can be enjoyed all year-round. Juicy, fruity, with refreshing notes, supercooled and sweetened, the Fantasi Watermelon Ice is one of the most exotic and mouth-watering flavours of the Fantasi range.

Ice Blackberry:
Bright, bubbly and instantly refreshing! The Blackberry Ice stays true to its name-sake with beautifully vibrant and juicy blackberries. The ultimate for blackberry flavour fans, the Blackberry ice has been crafted to achieve an authentic and juicy blackberry flavour with a lingering sweet after-taste.

Ice Cola:
The authentic taste of cola fizzy pop with extreme cooling to mimic the sensation of sipping on an ice-cool bottle of the famous soda. Fantasi Cola Ice is hugely popular with vapers who love drink-inspired e-liquids. Supplied in 50ml shortfill bottles with distinctive Fantasi labelling.