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Riot Squad 10ml Nic Salts E-Liquid

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Riot Squad Salts Description

Riot Squad Salts 10ml range available in different flavours and 2 different strengths of nicotine; 10mg, 20mg

This  e-liquid  is part of the Riot Salts range, a collection of bold and powerful flavours available in 5mg, 10mg and 20mg strengths. Riot Squad Salts are made with a hybrid nic formula that's 50% nic salts and 50% freebase nicotine, offering the best of both blends. 

With all flavours available in 2 different strengths, you’ll be sure to find the right one for you!


Blue Burst
offers a tingly fusion of juicy blue raspberry flavour and fresh menthol that will satisfy your craving for cool. 
Cherry Fizzle is gushing with tangy notes of red-ripe cherries, ensnaring your taste buds in a jet of aqueous cherry essence. 
Cream Leaf from the Riot Squad Salts range blends rich, smokey tobacco with a smooth vanilla créme for a touch of smooth, creamy decadence.
Blackcurrant Watermelon from the Riot Salt Punx range fuses mixed melon concentrates with a complex blackcurrant flavour, forming an intensely juicy and full-flavoured vape that balances tart sweetness with a refreshing aqueous base.
Watermelon Ice - Turn down the heat with this luscious melon and ice blend by Riot Salts.
Fresh Leaf from the Riot Salts range brings a unique blend of flavours to the table, making for a delectable late-night treat. Rich tobacco and silky dark chocolate come together in this union of rich flavour extracts - perfect for tobacco fans looking for a touch of opulence. 
Exotic Fruit Frenzy from the Riot Salts range combines honey-sweet cantaloupe melon with tart and tangy passion fruit pulp, striking an authentic balance of sweet and sour fruit. 
Ultra Peach Tea - Sweet, fragrant and perfectly life-like, Riot Salts Ultra Peach Tea is a soft drink vape inspired by tasty iced tea.
Sub Lime from the Riot Salts range fuses lemon and lime into an exhilarating blend that will flood your taste buds with sharp, zesty essence.
A blue bubblegum flavour with a zap of trademark Riot Squad zest. Bubblegun fuses a dazzling blend of banana, strawberry and blue raspberry with a sharp shot of cool menthol for a little extra kick. 
Pure Minted e-liquid is a million-dollar mix that oozes with cool, charismatic flavour, striking a fine balance with its refreshing menthol base and punchy sweet mint finish.
Pink Grenade launches a barrage of flavour notes, forming the distinctive taste of tangy pink lemonade! 
Menthol Ice serves up a chilling hit of unadulterated menthol. Made with a hybrid nicotine formula for extra satisfaction, this pure menthol blend is guaranteed to satisfy. 
Menthol Cherry from the Riot Salt 100% Menthol Range offers a juicy burst that's quickly chased by an invigorating menthol, offering a cool and fruity hit whenever you need it. 
Lemon Cucumber Menthol - A fresh, cool and uniquely satisfying blend of brisk flavours. Experience a bracing wave of tangy citrus, smooth cucumber and frosted mint with Riot Salts 100% Menthol Lemon Cucumber. 
Melon 100% Menthol e-liquid balances sweet honeydew melon and blackcurrant with an icy base for a seriously refreshing and tasty vape.