Hyte - Hyte 50 ML E-Liquid Shortfills

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It's 50ml of Hyte juice in a 75ml stubby Chubby Gorilla bottle means you can not only add one nicotine shot but two if you require more nicotine. Alternatively, they can be vaped straight from the bottle at zero nicotine.


20/80 PGVG 50ml e liquid in 75ml bottle

0mg Nicotine


Vegetable Glycerol, Propylene Glycol, Strawberry Flavour & Rhubarb Flavour.


Strawberry - A firm, fresh, sweet strawberry, with a hint of green. Backed up with a deep understand of jam compote.
Berry Brust IceA rich blend of wild berry with a hint of menthol for a pleasant refreshing mouthfeel.
BlueberryHard-boiled blueberry candy with a juicy, gooey inside.
Double AppleA shisha style blend, this is a perfect double apple without the smoke, sweet caramelized apple followed up with a pop of red apple juice.