Kingston - Kingston 500 ML ELIQUID SHORTFILLS

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Product Description

500 ML , 0mg

Made in the UK

E-Liquid VG/PG Ratio

70% VG /30% PG


RED A - Red Berries, black grape with a smooth overtone of eucalyptus. This ever famous flavour needs no introduction and is one of the highest selling flavours on the market!
BLACKCURRANT BLUE RASPBERRY MENTHOL - Blackcurrant, Blue Raspberry and Menthol is a crisp blend of berries with a layer of cooling menthol added for good measure.
ZINGBERRY - The batch of blue! What is in it? Blueberry, anise, menthol and everything else in between? We will never truly know... all we do know is, it's GOOD!
REFRESHING CHEWS SWEETS - Enjoy the sweet fizzy lemon soft chews without all the jaw ache in this short fill e-liquid by Kingston. 
BLUE RASPBERRY GAZILLIONSBlue Raspberry Gazillions by Kingston is a exciting sweet vape capturing the delicious flavours of the classic sour sweet pebbles combined with juicy raspberry and candied bubblegum flavours.
CHERRY CHILL -Pair the mouth-watering delight of cherry with the calming sensation of menthol and you get a delicious, relaxed e-liquid in the form of our Cherry Chill.
VINBERRY SODA - Taste this fizzy concoction of grape, raspberries and blackcurrant. An all day vape that you cannot put down.