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What are EVO tobacco sticks?

Designed exclusively for Ploom and available in five unique flavours, EVO tobacco sticks contain the first heated tobacco blend with two different cuts of premium tobacco - microground and fine cut - for an effective release of flavour.

Choose Bronze or Amber for true tobacco taste, the mentholated Green and Purple flavours for added cooling sensation and taste intensity, or Ruby for a crisp apple and mint flavour with a fruity and cooling sensation.

Product Detail

Delicate and well-balanced berry and menthol for a cooling sensation with fruity aromatic notes.

  • Each pack contains 20 tobacco sticks at £4.50 per pack

New Features

  • Improved ActivBlend™, increasing tobacco constituents of the blend
  • New Lamina blend for better tobacco taste intensity
  • Improved filter for vapour delivery optimisation and increased vapour volume
  • Change to ventilation for reduction in heat sensation
  • Longer filter, slightly longer sticks