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Juice & Power 10 ml Nic Salt E-Liquid

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About Juice N Power Rainbow Sweets 10ml E-Liquid:

Designed to energise and satisfy, the Juice N Power Salts range boasts a range of rich confectionery flavours. This e-liquid is made with nicotine salts for a strong and smooth vape. 


Red apple - Sweeter than green varieties, red apples have a luxuriously sweet and floral flavor. Juice N Power Red Apple captures this fruity elixir, making for a satisfying vape with a crisp and refreshing finish.
Melon berries - 
Each puff is instilled with tangy British berries, for a fusion of sharp and sweet tastes, quickly followed by the mellow flavours of honeydew and watermelon for a perfectly balanced vape. 
Caramel milkshake - 
An ambrosial base of vanilla cream makes each inhale smooth and silky, while syrupy notes of rich golden caramel come to life on the exhale. The ideal e-liquid for sweet-toothed vapers.
Sour cherry -
 A collection of sweet spice flavours are fused with tangy cherry extracts for a rich and luxurious flavour that's unlike any other cherry vape on the market. 
Watermelon mojito -
 Watermelon Mojito combines the tart taste of fresh lime with a slice of water-logged watermelon, creating a rich and tangy flavour sensation.
Vimtonic - 
Based on a popular berry beverage, the Juice N Power Vimtonic nic salt e-liquid packs a full harvest of fruit flavours into one satisfying liquid. Bold notes of blackcurrant, grape and raspberry form a juicy taste with every draw.
Bubblegum rainbow - 
Milder notes of mixed fruit form a juicy undertone, adding a sweet and slightly tangy finish to every puff. 
Watermelon candy - 
Watermelon Candy houses a jellied watermelon taste with a distinct confectionery base. On inhale, this e-liquid is punchy and tart, while the exhale has a mellow undertone for a sweet finish.
Tropical rainbow -
A light and lively blend of mixed tropical fruit flavours layered over a sweet, syrupy base. 
Rainbow sweets -
 A sweet medley of fruit and confectionery flavours that captures the brilliant colours of the rainbow. Prominent notes of lime, grape, orange and strawberry combine with a bubblegum like undertone for an intensely juicy draw. 
Strawberry Lemonade - Strawberry Lemonade Berries is a soda blend comprised of mixed fruit and syrup elements.