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Fcukin Flava - E Liquid 50mlFcukin Flava - E Liquid 50ml

Fcukin Flava - E Liquid 50ml

£11.49 £19.99

Fcukin’ Flava produce premium and exotic e-liquid which are filled with the richness of fruits. The ingredients used in these e-juices came from a certified brand and are created carefully in order to proffer the quality and taste. All the e-liquids are made under strict guidelines and this makes them a much more preferable option for cloud chasers.

These e-juices are even brewed and bottled in a professional way as adequate amount of high quality flavoring of PG and VG is used. These e-liquids are true to flavor and with their help you can switch to a healthy lifestyle and leave smoking.

In Malaysia, Fcukin’ Flava has been a popular brand since the year 2014 and consistency and quality is maintained throughout the range of the products. To experience something more than exquisite, try the Fcukin’ Flava flavors now.

Fcukin Munkey - (by Fcukin Flava) flavour is true to the taste of honeydew with a hint of bubblegum, which are blended perfectly with high quality of flavouring, which will satisfy you and make you feel like being on the ninth cloud. 

Freezy Grapes - Now, this one is simply fantastic, the swwetness of grapes is wrapped in this Fcukin’ flava Freezy Grapes e-juice. It is delicious, it is juicy, it is smooth and it is tart…what else anyone could expect from their vape juice. After vaping it once, you’ll definitely crave for more and there will be an ultimate feeling of pleasure which you can never imagine.

Smashin Lemonade - Experience the perfect blend of fresh lemonade and tangerine. It will definitely will leave you wanting more. Perfect for your All-Day-Vape. Zingy!

Strawberry Jello - This cool berry e-juice contains all the freshness of berries with appropriate cooling. Some hint of jelly is also there to make this e-juice perfect for an all day vape. You literally can’t miss this one, as the blend of berries and mint is worth trying.

Freezy Mango - Like all the other flavors at Vape Vandal, this Fcukin Flava Freezy Mango is a very delicious and flavorful e-liquid, which has the capability to proffer you a distinctive vaping experience. It won’t be wrong to say that the real taste of green mangoes having a little punch of sweet and sour and a tremendous cooling effect will keep you floating on cloud nine. If you don’t believe us, then try on your own and see how this cool but pleasurable e-juice can make you enter a different world of vaping.