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The award winning Twelve Monkeys is based in Canada. The company chooses to focus on quality over quantity in order to maintain a production process, which includes steeping flavours for two weeks before releasing for sale, geared to producing an excellent vape juice.

1 x 60ml Bottle Shortfilled with 50ml of Twelve Monkeys E-Liquid

60ml Bottle shortfilled with 50ml of E-Liquid
VG / PG : 80 VG / 20 PG
Contains Vegetable Glycerin
Contains Propylene Glycol
Does Not Contain Nicotine
10ml Space for Nicotine Shot


Patas Pipe from the Twelve Monkey’s Origins range brings you a classic RY4 flavour with tobacco, vanilla and chocolate notes. The rich, nutty tobacco merges with smooth vanilla before is followed by a creamy chocolate for a new take on a traditional tobacco flavour. Ideal for vapers who are looking to move away from a pure tobacco flavour to a more exotic taste.

Tropika Iced from the 12 Monkeys Ice Age range brings you the original topical fruit blend, with its combination of lychee, papaya and passion fruit, finished off with a refreshing cool minty aftertone.

Bonogurt from the Twelve Monkeys Classic range brings you the flavour of mixed berries topped off with a tart and creamy yogurt.

Queen Soko from the Twelve Monkeys Classic range brings you an intruguing combination of strawberries and lemon citrus for a delicate interplay between alternating sweet and sour notes.

Circle of Life from the Twelve Monkeys Classic range captures the sweet taste of garden pears.

Shoku was inspired by the word Shauku in Swahili - a word that translates as passion or enthusiasm. The juice has been created for vapers who love berry flavours and is based on sweet tangy raspberry, juicy strawberry and finished off with an unmistakable kiss of passion fruit.

Saimiri by Twelve Monkeys combines the pleasures of home grown strawberries with the exotic flavour of coconut. Imagine a bowl of fresh strawberries drizzled in a light coconut cream to get the taste of this exotic fruit treat.

Lemur features lime and lemon perfectly blended together to create a citrus juice. The citrus notes are stronger on the inhale and are followed by lighter, cooler notes on the exhale. A refreshing vape for a hot humid jungle day!

Papio is a juicy vibrant vape juice flavour based on tangy pineapple. This tropical vape contains bright and balanced notes ideal for a summer’s day vape.

Hakuna Iced | Ice Age - The original Hakuna was a real favourite in the Twelve Monkeys range, so it made sense to include it in their Ice Age range. Enjoy the taste of sliced Granny Smith and Fuji apples followed by a chilled cranberry exhale.

Matata Iced | Ice AgeIf you're feeling hot this summer, check out Matata Iced! A new version of the original Matata juice, with ice-cold grapes followed by the taste of ripe apples. A deliciously cooling vape which somehow avoids the menthol of other icy blends.

Kanji Iced | Ice Age - Popular vape juice Kanzi is back but with a fresher, cooler taste. Twelve Monkeys latest reiteration of the popular vape juice retains the watermelon and kiwi on the strawberry base but with a cooler taste. Ideal for vapers who like a cooler vape but prefer to avoid menthol.

With Matata you’ll enjoy an intense grape flavour on the inhale followed by the taste of ripe autumn apples on the exhale.

Hakuna is no different with its intriguing combination of Fuji and Granny Smith apples finished off with a light aftertaste of cranberries. A refreshing blend of ripe apple followed by just a touch of sweetness. Try combining with Matata for a truly relaxing vape.

Harambae by Twelve Monkeys combines an array of citrus flavours with overtones of other tropical fruits. Sharp lemon combines with lime and bitter grapefruit for the stronger citrus elements with blood orange and sweet guava adding extra flavour to this juice. Particularly zesty on the exhale, this is an excellent juice for clearing the palate.

Tropika by Twelve Monkeys features a fusion of tropical fruits designed to satisfy the palate of the fruit loving vaper.

Kanji - Twelve Monkeys brings you a new vape blend characterised by intense fruit flavours. Enjoy a strawberry base with a topping of juicy watermelon and a sharper kiwi for a layered candy flavour.

Mangabeys vape juice by Twelve Monkeys brings a taste of the Caribbean to your vape with a delicious combination of pineapple, guava and mango for that beachside cocktail taste. The taste is further enhanced by the addition of multiple Caribbean fruit elements.